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Music Festivals in which theatrical music plays a leading role From Japan to the World



"Dramatic accompaniment music" plays an important role in Japanese animation productions, which enjoy overwhelming popularity around the world.

Although gekiban music is an important element that can transform a scene, there has been no music festival in the world, or even here in Japan, which is supposed to be the center of animation, that focuses exclusively on gekiban music, like the theme songs.

I would like to deliver the splendor of this music, which has a synergistic effect with the visuals and makes the work dozens and tens of times more wonderful, not only to one artist, but to many others who gather together and love anime all over the world.

"I want to organize the world's first theatrical music festival in Japan!"

In 2022, "Episode 0" will be held at "Kamigamo Shrine, a World Heritage Site" in Kyoto, an ancient capital with a history of over 1,300 years.

In 2023, the festival will be held in Tokyo. We hope that the "Kyobansai" will be an opportunity for you to experience the fusion of music and visuals of various animation works by gathering the best composers who have been working on the front line of Japanese animation music, and that it will be a chance for you to experience a lot of gekiban music and strengthen your love for Japanese animation. We hope that this festival will be an opportunity for you to experience a wide range of music and to strengthen your love for Japanese animation.




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